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Bánh Mì Xíu Mại

I’m reposting the recipe of my Vietnamese meatballs (xíu mại) with new photos. I love the asian flavours of these meatballs cooked in a delicious tomato sauce. There’s a nice surprise of the crunch from the chestnut with these meatballs. Serving these flavoursome meatballs with rice is so delicious, but it’s so much better to […]

Cà Chua Nhồi Thịt – Vietnamese Stuffed Tomatoes

This stuffed tomatoes is a popular Vietnamese comfort food and is one of our family’s favourite. The filling is a traditional and versatile filling of pork, woodear mushroom and bean thread noodle. For best results use just slightly under-ripe tomatoes. Cà Chua Nhồi Thịt – Stuff Tomatoes with Pork and Wood Ear Mushroom Recipe Ingredients […]

The Cookbook Challenge Week 22: Prawn Ravioli with Sauce Vierge

Cookbook Challenge Theme: Red I am way behind with the Cookbook Challenge. Each week rolls around too quickly and I have been too busy to give much thought to the Cookbook Challenge. I have half-heartedly attempted to complete week 22 theme of “red” by using a recipe with red tomatoes. I have omitted a couple […]

Canh Chua Rau Muống Tôm (Vietnamese Sour Soup With Prawns And Water Spinach)

When it comes to canh chua (literally means “sour soup”) most people are familiar with canh chua cá (sour fish soup). There are many different variations to canh chua. Some are cooked with bamboo, eel, chicken, pork ribs or prawns. Undoubtedly the original cooked with fish, tamarind, pineapples, elephant ears, tomatoes and okra is the […]

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