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How To Prepare Raw Sugarcane

I have fond memories of chewing on raw sugarcane pieces as snacks during my younger years living in Vietnam. After chewing on the sugarcane pieces to get out all the sweet juices you would spit out the chewed sugarcane. But what I didn’t like about chewing on sugarcane pieces was it leaves small pieces of […]

Sugarcane and Pork Soup

My dear friend gave me these fresh sugarcane. It’s cold and making soup with them is the first thing that came to mind. I love the natural sweetness of sugarcane and it is great to use in making asian soups. This pork ribs soup with sugarcane is just so simple and delicious. I’ve added carrot […]

Chạo Tôm (Vietnamese Grilled Prawn on Sugar Cane)

I was very surprised to see fresh sugar cane selling at my local fruit shop recently. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the fresh sugar cane was making chạo tôm. Chạo tôm is seasoned prawn paste wrapped around sugar cane stick, then steamed to set it’s shape and finished off with […]

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