Food For Four

Salt and Pepper Chicken

Our family try to eat healthy and we seldom make deep fried food. We always believe that it’s better to make deep fried food at home since you will use better quality oil. We sometimes make exceptions for fried food, especially this delicious salt and pepper chicken. Seriously how can anyone say no to anything […]

Phở Gà – Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup

Happy new year! We recently got back from our annual end of year trip to the coast for a week of quality family time and relaxation. I can really get used to the carefree life of lazing around by the pool, afternoon naps, eating and just playing with the kids. It’s really nice to start […]

The Cookbook Challenge Week 21: Curry Puffs

Theme: Thai I was very excited about “Thai” being this week’s theme for the Cookbook Challenge, because I absolutely love Thai food. I love the unique sour, sweet and spicy nature of Thai food. I have a couple of Thai cookbooks and flicking through the pages of these books got me very excited and my […]

Bò Kho – Vietnamese Beef Stew

Sunday is my cooking day as I prepare the family meals in advance for the next two days. Our household become quite chaotic come every Mondays and Tuesdays as I go to my part time work. It’s a frantic rush to drop the kids at childcare and then try to get to work at a […]

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