Food For Four

Thai Chicken Basil Stir Fry

Stir fries are super simple and super fast to make; they are perfect for quick weeknight meal options. Seriously, you can whip up a stir fry as quick as 15 minutes. Stir fries are great when you want to get more vegetables intake into your day. It’s also a great dish to make when you […]

Bo Luc Lac – Vietnamese Shaking Beef

My husband always laugh every time I refer to this dish as “shaking beef”. But that is the direct translation of bò lúc lắc to English; it refers to the action of shaking the wok when searing the beef cubes to keep the meat rare and moist. Funny name aside, this dish is very popular […]

Cháo Gà – Chicken Congee

In our family congee is always eaten whenever a family member is feeling unwell. This simple delicious dish is very easy on the stomach which makes it a great dish to have when nurturing yourself back to health. A hot bowl of congee is also very comforting dish for a cold winter’s day. I especially […]

The Cookbook Challenge Week 19: Tomato Risotto with Mussels

Theme: Rice No matter how many times I’ve made a risotto, I have not been satisfied with how it turned out. My risotto always end up tasting stodgy. I use hot stock and constantly stirring and adding more stock once all the stock has been absorbed. But instead of a creamy risotto, I get really […]

The Cookbook Challenge Week 12: Fried Rice In Omelette

Theme: Eggs Our family loves eggs. Eggs provide a good source of protein for the girls since they don’t particularly like meat. For us it makes such excellent nutritious meals when the pantry and fridge is bare. I’m busy cleaning the house for Lunar New Year so for this week’s challenge I have picked a […]

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