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The Cookbook Challenge Week 20: Sticky Orange and Vanilla Upside-down Cake

Theme: Tangy I love anything citrus. I decided to make the orange upside-down cake for this week’s Cookbook Challenge theme of “tangy”, as I couldn’t resist the look of the caramelised oranges on the cake. The sweet, tangy, vanilla, citrusy, caramelised oranges is the star of this cake. I thought using two oranges was too […]

The Cookbook Challenge Week 15: Pandan and Coconut Cupcakes

Theme: Muffins This week’s theme is muffins and I instantly knew I was going to make pandan cupcakes. I love the sweet fragrant of pandan and have been wanting to make a pandan cake for a while now. Fresh pandan leaves are not always available but luckily my parents was recently given a small pandanous […]

The Cookbook Challenge: Week 9: Berry: Strawberry Tiramisu

I’m debuting The Cookbook Challenge with a Strawbery Tiramisu. When Dave found out that the theme for The Cookbook Challenge is berry, he requested for a blueberry tiramisu that I make last week as he didn’t get to taste much of it. I went with a strawberry tiramisu instead as this was what I wanted […]

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