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The Cookbook Challenge Week 18: Garlic and Mustard Beef Skewers

Summer is still lingering on, temperatures are still in the low thirties. With the Cookbook Challenge being “barbeque” we decided to have a simple barbeque lunch in our backyard. The lunch was not anything special – just the four of us and the electric health grill. Our electric grill is now the barbeque substitute as […]

The Cookbook Challenge Week 17: Bánh Cuốn – Vietnamese Rice Rolls with Pork

Theme: Vietnamese Since I moved away from home and started my own family, I have come to appreciate my mum’s cooking. I love her soup noodles that she had boiled for hours and that I would slurp up the very last drop, or the comforting and delicious taste of plain rice served with thịt kho. […]

The Cookbook Challenge Week 12: Fried Rice In Omelette

Theme: Eggs Our family loves eggs. Eggs provide a good source of protein for the girls since they don’t particularly like meat. For us it makes such excellent nutritious meals when the pantry and fridge is bare. I’m busy cleaning the house for Lunar New Year so for this week’s challenge I have picked a […]

The Cookbook Challenge: Week 10

Theme : Cool Çookbook :The Australian Women’s Weekly Beginners Thai Recipe: Cold Prawn Salad How appropriate that this week’s Cookbook Challenge’s theme is cool. With the temperatures in the 40′s I was very tempted to make a cold dessert of some sort for this week’s challenge, but I since I have over indulged a bit […]

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