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Lotus Root Soup with Pork Ribs

Brrrr. Yesterday we woke up to a cold 16°C. The reality of winter approaching suddenly hits. I guess we have been spoilt with a very warm autumn during the past month that I thought we were still in summer. Even with the warm weather, the kids and Husband were sick during the last two weeks. […]

Fried Meringue

Last week on Poh’s Kitchen, Poh did her infamous fried meringue. The first time I saw Poh attempted this on Masterchef I was very intrigued and have been wanting to make it ever since. I was very excited about finally having the recipe. This was such an easy and quick dessert to put together. I […]

Prawn and Pork Dumplings

I love dumplings and I think I can eat it all day long. I think I can eat may be twenty in one sitting, not that I’ve tried but something to aim for next time? I love freshly steamed dumplings. The best part about eating dumplings is the moment you take the first bite and […]

Chinese White Radish Cakes (Luo Bo Gao)

Last time when I made the pork and prawn salad, I over bought and I still have a large white radish left in my fridge. I saw a recipe for radish cakes and it instantly caught my eyes. These are the ones they serve at yum cha. The recipe makes very tasty radish cakes with […]

Clay Pot Chicken Rice

Dave constantly asking me to make clay pot rice and I my usual respond to him is “We don’t have a clay pot.” He tells me just cook the rice and all the other ingredients in the rice cooker. Apart from cooking rice, I have never cooked anything in my rice cooker before and I […]

Chinese Herbal Soup

When I was living at home, mum would always serve soup at every dinner time. Her soups are mostly simple but tasty vegie soups. Now we hardly ever have soups, except when my mother in law come for her stays. She would pamper us with her very tasty and nourishing herbal soups almost every day. […]

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