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Fruit Picking at Canoelands Orchard

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summer fruit picking

Last weekend our family headed out to Canoelands Orchard for some family fun fruit picking. This was our first time at Canoelands Orchard. I noticed the sign to this orchard on the way to Wisemans Ferry for mandarin picking this year and was very excited for the summer fruit picking season to start to check out the orchard.

fruit picking canoelands orchard

The first stone fruits available at Canoelands Orchard are peaches, nectarines and plums in November. Other time of year they have tomatoes, passionfruit and blueberries available for picking. I’m very excited to come back for the blueberry season since I’ve never picked blueberries before.

fruit picking in sydney

There is an entry fee per person to pick fruits on top of the pay for what you pick. After paying the entry fees we were giving some canvas bags to hold our fruits in. We were taken up by tractor to the area for fruit picking which was only few minutes away. The tractor ride was bumpy and fun, and the kids love the novelty of riding on the tractor.

canoelands orchard tractor ride

family fruit picking in sydney and nsw

We are regular goers to pick your own farms but this was our first time picking peaches and nectarines. Love that my kids were so excited to see peaches and nectarines on trees for the first time. It was very easy for the kids to pick the fruits off the trees since it’s just a twist of the fruit off the branch. They also finally able to tell and taste the difference between a peach and nectarine :)

fruit picking farms in sydney

We just love fresh fruits straight from the trees. We prefer the fruits when firm and the peaches and nectarines were so crunchy and fresh.

nectarines fruit picking in sydney

family fruit picking in sydney

We were happily filling up our two bags with the hot sun beating down on us. Luckily  we were prepared for the really hot weather with sunscreen and hats. It did got a bit too hot being out in the orchard at midday!!

fruit picking at canoelands orchard

canoelands orchards

The fruits are heavy and we had two bags filled up halfway and it weighed 10kg!!! That is a lot of fruits for a family of four to eat :)

Canoelands Orchard fruit pickingThe orchard shop with many assortment of honey produced from their farm for sale.

Canoelands Orchard honey

canoelands orchard honey
We really enjoyed our day out at Canoelands Orchard. The farm is really well kept and the staff are very lovely and friendly. The farm and shop is open all year round for you to come and have a picnic and enjoy the farm grounds and feed the farm animals. They also run several tours if you’d like to learn more about the farm and bees (refer to website).

Pick your own fruit Canoelands Orchard

CANOELANDS ORCHARD (1 hour from Sydney)

PYO FruitsStone fruits (peach, nectarines, plums), Passionfruits, Tomatoes, Blueberries
Activities: PYO, tractor rides, farm tours, bee tours (booking required for tours)
Price: $6 adult, $3 child entry for fruit picking plus $6 per kg fruit picked (prices at time of writing)
Address: 27 Canoelands Rd, Canoelands, NSW 2157
Phone: 0419 688 039

The closest township with eateries from the orchard are Wisemans Ferry (20 mins away) or Glenorie (15mins away). In Glenorie I recommend the Glenorie Bakery.

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