Food For Four

Steamed Chicken with Dry Egg Noodles

Hainanese chicken rice is a favourite of my family. We love the simplicity of this dish with its tender poached chicken in aromatic broth and dipped with the fragrant spring onion oil and punchy chilli sauce. Poaching the whole chicken for Hainanese chicken can be time consuming and very easy to overcook the chicken breast. […]

Fruit Picking at Canoelands Orchard

Last weekend our family headed out to Canoelands Orchard for some family fun fruit picking. This was our first time at Canoelands Orchard. I noticed the sign to this orchard on the way to Wisemans Ferry for mandarin picking this year and was very excited for the summer fruit picking season to start to check out […]

Coconut Sticky Rice with Mango

Nothing says summer like a sweet juicy mango. Although it may only spring but these beautifully fragrant sweet golden fruits are in season right now. The most popular varies of mangoes are the Kensington Pride and R2E2. Although Kensington Pride is juicier and more fragrant, but I like R2E2 more for it large, firm, sweet […]

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