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Watkins Family Farm Pick Your Own Mandarin and Mushrooms

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watkins farm pick your own

The mandarin orchards in Wisemans Ferry opened their farm gates over the weekend for the start of the pick your own mandarin season. On Sunday we set out for a fun day of mandarin picking, even with a bit of light rain did not deter me. During the drive to the orchard the rain got heavier and my husband tried very hard to convince me to turn back home, insisting that we are the only family crazy enough to go fruit picking in the rain.  As it turn out we were not the only crazy family as there were lots of enthusiastic fruit pickers braving the weather at the orchard. I’m sure it would been even busier for not the wet weather.

Pick your own orchards are gaining popularity over the years as it provide a fun family activity and it’s a wonderful way to show children where their food comes from. Since discovering these pick your own orchards, we have made fruit picking as part of our family tradition. We try to make the most of the pick picking season and head out to the orchard several times during the fruit season. It really is a fantastic fun family activity as the kids can run free among the rows of mandarin trees and breathe in that fresh country air. Best of all you get the freshest and juiciest mandarins straight from the trees.

There are three orchards on Singleton Road in Wisemans Ferry and two of them is owned by the Watkins family. We’ve been to two of the orchards (Watkins Orchard and Ford’s Farm) previous years and this year we’ve decided to visit the other Watkins farm for the first time. This is the much bigger orchard of the two Watkins farms with 2100 trees on the property. They usually have mushrooms to pick as well but unfortunately this year they don’t have any. You pay $10 for a bucket and take a wander through the orchard to fill up with mandarins. You can leave a $5 deposit for clippers which are much easier to cut the mandarins from the stalk. The farm also have a large undercover picnic area with tables and chairs for you to use. Love that the farm also have sheep, goats and chickens for the kids to pet and feed. My children were delighted that the sheep and goats ate mandarins!

mandarin farms wisemans ferry

pick your own mandarins watkins farm

watkins farm wisemans ferry

pik your own fruit near sydney

mandarin picking near sydney

pick your own fruit sydney

mandarin orchards sydney

fruit picking hawsbury

mandarin picking watkins farm

pick your own mandarins hawksbury

mandarins pick your own

There are three mandarin orchards in Wisemans Ferry.

Watkins Orchard
1125 Singleton Road, Laughtondale (via Wisemans Ferry), NSW, 2775
Weekends 10am-4pm until August, mandarins $10 per bucket
Phone: (02) 4566 3107

Watkins Family Farm
1006 Singleton Road, Laughtondale (via Wisemans Ferry), NSW, 2775
Weekends 10am-4pm until September, mandarins $10 per bucket
Phone: 0418 233 466

Fords Farm
1275 Singleton Road, Laughtondale (via Wisemans Ferry), NSW, 2775
Weekends 10am-4pm until July, $2 per car, mandarins, limes, lemons and oranges $2/kg, cumquats $10/kg
Phone: (02) 4566 3127

Other pick your own mandarins and oranges orchards in Hawksbury area

Anderson Farm
968 Sackville Ferry Rd, Sackville North, NSW, 2576
Mandarins and oranges available
Phone: 02 4579 1120 or 0414 503 955
Call first before coming

Schofields Orchard
42 Yarramundi Lane, Richmond NSW 2753
Sundays 10am-4pm May until October/ November
Phone: 0411 119 701

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