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The Cookbook Challenge Week 19: Tomato Risotto with Mussels

Theme: Rice No matter how many times I’ve made a risotto, I have not been satisfied with how it turned out. My risotto always end up tasting stodgy. I use hot stock and constantly stirring and adding more stock once all the stock has been absorbed. But instead of a creamy risotto, I get really […]

Bánh Xèo – Vietnamese Sizzling Crepe

Whenever I see the abundance of Vietnamese herbs growing in my parent’s backyard, I always crave for a refreshing Vietnamese dish served with lots of fresh herbs. I decided to make bánh xèo (sizzling crepe) to make use of the fresh herbs. Bánh xèo is made from rice flour, coconut and turmeric, and is pan-fried […]

The Cookbook Challenge Week 18: Garlic and Mustard Beef Skewers

Summer is still lingering on, temperatures are still in the low thirties. With the Cookbook Challenge being “barbeque” we decided to have a simple barbeque lunch in our backyard. The lunch was not anything special – just the four of us and the electric health grill. Our electric grill is now the barbeque substitute as […]

Cute Bento

My 3 year old is super picky with her food. Every meal time she raises my stress level by refusing to eat certain food, needing to be spoon-fed, leaving food in her mouth and not swallow, and running around and play. Last year I tried searching for creative ideas to feed my fussy eater, and […]

The Cookbook Challenge Week 17: Bánh Cuốn – Vietnamese Rice Rolls with Pork

Theme: Vietnamese Since I moved away from home and started my own family, I have come to appreciate my mum’s cooking. I love her soup noodles that she had boiled for hours and that I would slurp up the very last drop, or the comforting and delicious taste of plain rice served with thịt kho. […]

Fried Meringue

Last week on Poh’s Kitchen, Poh did her infamous fried meringue. The first time I saw Poh attempted this on Masterchef I was very intrigued and have been wanting to make it ever since. I was very excited about finally having the recipe. This was such an easy and quick dessert to put together. I […]

Bún Chả Giò – Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Vermicelli Noodles

Back in the days when family get-together was a regular event, mum would used to fry up batches of spring rolls. I was given the task of rolling up the spring rolls and it was a task I enjoyed the most (better than washing herbs and cutting up vegetables). I took pride in rolling the […]

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