Food For Four

Bò Bía – Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls with Jicama, Eggs and Chinese Sausage

Rice paper rolls makes a delicious healthy snack. When I want a quick rice paper rolls snack and don’t want to bother with fancy fillings, I use left overs for fillings, wrap it with rice paper and dip it with fish sauce dipping sauce (a sauce we always have in the fridge) and you have […]

Gỏi Mực – Vietnamese Squid Salad

Summer may be coming to an end but we are still experiencing a heat wave. But this is also the weather to enjoy a refreshing Vietnamese salad (gỏi). Vietnamese salad is a resfreshing healthy crunchy dish that when drizzled with the fish sauce dressing it’s an explosion of flavours in your mouth. Prawns and pork […]

The Cookbook Challenge Week 14 – Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake)

Theme: Japanese I love Japanese food but it’s a cuisine I rather eat out than try to learn to make it myself (apart from the odd sushi rolls once in a very long while). For this week’s Japanese theme I don’t have any Japanese cookbooks for inspiration. I remember bookmarking a recipe for Japanese savoury […]

The Cookbook Challenge Week 12: Fried Rice In Omelette

Theme: Eggs Our family loves eggs. Eggs provide a good source of protein for the girls since they don’t particularly like meat. For us it makes such excellent nutritious meals when the pantry and fridge is bare. I’m busy cleaning the house for Lunar New Year so for this week’s challenge I have picked a […]

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