Food For Four

Ginger and Spring Onion Mud Crabs

The thought of traffic mayhem and hundreds of shoppers in a buying frenzy did not deter me from going to Sydney Fish Market on Christmas Eve. Yes, the length I go to for fresh seafood. Hundreds of Sydneysiders were thinking the same too as this was one of the busiest day at Sydney Fish Market. […]

Gingerbread House

Since Amy’s first christmas I decided that we are going to start making our own Christmas traditions. I was looking for a fun way to spend time with my daughter and decided to bake gingerbread. I don’t like eating gingerbread but decorating the various shapes of gingerbread was a great fun. So baking gingerbread during […]

Stuffed Bitter Melon Soup (Canh Kho Qua)

Every time mum makes stuffed bitter melon soup it always reminds me of Lunar New Year. This is a dish traditionally eaten during Vietnamese New Year (Tet). I find that eating such a bitter dish during new year is a contradiction to the red, sweet, happy things which is usually associated with new year celebrations. […]

Nước Mấm Chấm – Vietnamese Fish Sauce Dipping Sauce

I guarantee that there is a jar of this fish sauce dipping sauce sitting in the fridge of every Vietnamese kitchen. This fish sauce is versatile and is used in many dishes as a dressing or dipping sauce. Although same ingredients are used in this sauce, no dipping sauce will taste the same as everyone […]

Prawn and Pork Dumplings

I love dumplings and I think I can eat it all day long. I think I can eat may be twenty in one sitting, not that I’ve tried but something to aim for next time? I love freshly steamed dumplings. The best part about eating dumplings is the moment you take the first bite and […]

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