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Chinese Herbal Soup

Posted on | November 8, 2009 | Asian Recipes, Chinese, Recipes | 1 Comment

pork ribs herbal broth

When I was living at home, mum would always serve soup at every dinner time. Her soups are mostly simple but tasty vegie soups. Now we hardly ever have soups, except when my mother in law come for her stays. She would pamper us with her very tasty and nourishing herbal soups almost every day. Taking care of the kids, lack of sleep and working long hours, she knows that the goodness of the herbal soups are just what we need to replenish our bodies.

Chinese herbal soups are gentle tonics meant to nourish the body and maintain proper bodily functions. My mother-in-law has an extensive knowledge of cooking with chinese herbs. Every time she serves her herbal soups, she would tell us the functions of the ingredients in her soups. It’s quite amazing to learn about the health benefits you get from eating the chinese herbs. Not sure why we don’t use it in our cooking more often.

pork ribs herbal ingredients

Apart from cooking us the herbal soups when she stays, she also stocks my pantry with the chinese herbs when she leaves. I have started to cook herbal soups but mostly during winter. Lately the weather has been so erratic with extreme hot and extreme cold. I kind of needed a pick me up so decided to make some herbal soup with pork ribs. I’m still learning about the combination of herbs to use. For now I just used some of the ingredients my mother-in-law had stocked in the pantry.

pork ribs herbal broth 4

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  1. Susie
    May 9th, 2014 @ 9:05 am

    Thanks for this valuable info that would disappear without the English translation. As you probably know, when parents prepare these herbal soups, some of us are left to wonder what are in those ‘bush twigs’ You are very lucky to have a mum who explains to you and perpetuate the tradition.

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