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Che Sam Bo Luong

Posted on | November 21, 2009 | Asian Recipes, Vietnamese Recipes | 1 Comment


Sydney was a scorcher the last couple of days as temperatures rose to 41°C. The only sensible thing to do in this extreme heat was to stay indoors and crank up the air conditioner. With the extreme heat I haven’t had much appetite lately. I have been skipping lunch and just eating che sam bo luong. Che sam bo luong is a very refreshing and cooling drink (or dessert) which is so good for you. It can be very filling too with all the goodness of barley, longans, dates, seaweed, gingko nuts and lotus seeds.

I’ve boiled a huge pot which we have been eating for days. I love mine chilled with ice and lots of syrup. To make this you don’t really need accurate measurements. I just put in what I like more and less of what I don’t really like (seaweed). Make it sweet or light as you like.

Sam Bo Luong


can of gingko nuts
can of lotus seeds (can use dried just longer to cook)
200g of brown sugar
4 litres of water
100g of pearl barley
100g of dried longans
10g of dried seaweed


Soak barley a couple of hours prior to cooking.

Soak and wash dried longans and black dates 1 hour before cooking.

In a pot add water and barley on low heat and let cook for 3o minutes.

After 30 minutes add longans, dried dates and sugar.

Soak and wash the dried seaweed. They are very slimy and need a couple of washes.

Cook the barley, longans and dried dates until they are soft.

Add the gingko nuts and lotus seeds and bring to boil.

Add the seaweed. Bring to the boil and take the pot off the heat.

Can be served cold or hot.


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    I like more than one please thanks

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